Our Culture is predicated on two simple, yet powerful, concepts:

Financial Education and a Uniquely Personalized Client Experience

Education - Simplifying how the industry communicates 

The Institute for Financial Independence ('IFI'), the learning center at CAPITAL Asset Management Group, is where we help our clients identify the purpose of money in their lives, define financial independence as they see it, and chart a course to achieve independence safer and sooner by communicating to you what the industry knows but does not tell you. 

Through the Institute we share the lessons that we have learned from our clients in an effort to create an educated community with a mutual confidence and understanding surrounding the role of money in their lives.

Educational Events

We hold monthly Wednesday Workshops and Tech Tuesdays to enforce our commitment to education. Our events are free to our clients and the general public — and always will be. Click below to view our calendar of events and sign up for a session that is meaningful to you. 

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Educational Resources

At CAMG, we continuously publish and source information designed to cut through the cacophony of financial advice and deliver timely and relevant information to you. Check out our resources page to find articles, videos, newsletters and reports that are most relevant to you. 

Uniquely Personalized Client Experience - Tailored advice for life

Goal oriented planning designed to achieve your definition of financial independence is the key to a successful advisory relationship. The very first conversation we have with you will have nothing to do with financial concepts and products. Instead, we begin where every planner should by defining your specific goals, fears, strengths, and past experiences with money. The idea being that, how can we succeed as an advisor without knowing what is most important to you? 

An Organization Engineered to Deliver Over the Long Term 

Financial planning is a marathon, not a sprint. Even the best laid plans without the structure to continuously implement and adjust them based on life and market events will fall short. CAPITAL Asset Management Group has taken great lengths to ensure that we provide a client experience designed to deliver on our promises.

The Power of People

At the heart of every great organization are people who strive to exude the principles of the organization and deliver on their leadership's promises. With this in mind, we have developed a compensation structure that provides incentives for our staff to go above and beyond the call of duty. We solicit feedback from our clients annually to identify the individuals in our organization that "walk the walk" and reward them for doing so.

The Power of Process

Your definition of financial independence and the factors that will enhance or detract form it are fluid not static. We have developed ongoing service systems designed to help us review and revise our planning assumptions and strategies year in and year out. 

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We are committed to the enrichment of both our local community as well as the financial services community at large

Financial Services Community - Improving the way we communicate

IFI Advisor Network

The Integrated Independence Method (I2M) process is our only proprietary product. Developed by over 30 years of experience with, and lessons from, clients in all walks of life our founder, John Girouard, has designed a unique financial planning process that we license to like minded financial professionals who share a passion for education and the success of their clients. Collectively IFI Advisors are improving the way the financial services industry communicates to the general public and, in doing so, are enriching the lives of their clients. 

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Local Impact - The triple bottom line

Doing Good to Do Well

Our staff and leadership are encouraged to devote their time and energy to local causes with diverse missions. From financial literacy and service on nonprofit boards to mentoring and coaching our neighbors, we support and reward members of the CAPITAL Asset Management Group family who leverage their skills to assist those in need. We believe that to do well personally and professionally you must do good. 

Green Initiatives

At Capital Asset Management Group, we are concerned about our environmental impact and general sustainability. By teaming up with Footprint Free, we are able to offset our carbon footprint by planting trees that absorb carbon in the environment. We have also removed plastic water bottles from our office and replaced them with reusable 


Socially Responsible Investing

We have acquired a platform of institutional quality investment strategists that develop portfolios to meet your ideological needs without sacrificing performance or diversification. Ranging from environmental sustainability, human rights, consumer protection, and Impact Investing we provide solutions that consider more than just the bottom line.