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Two levels of initial financial planning based on the complexity of your individual financial portrait.

Integrated Independence Method - I2M

Build Your Financial House: With greater wealth comes a need for more services to better manage your money. The Integrated Independence Method (I2m) is a personal money management program led by our senior advisors. More than just tax planning, investments, and life insurance recommendations, these specialists will evaluate the three floors of your financial house - financial protection, security, and wealth accumulation - and help you engineer a blueprint that integrates all three. After completing the I2M process, you will be on the road to protecting your assets, enhancing your lifestyle, and achieving financial independence. 

Independence PlanningPro Program - IPPro

Get Financially Fit: Capital Asset Management Group's wealth coaches use Independence Planning Pro to help you take care of your financial health. IPPro helps people change how they think about money and clarify its purpose in their lives. It starts with an overview of your personal, professional, and financial objectives. We tailor the exercises  and conversations to suit your personal financial condition and work together to design your custom financial plan around your specific needs.

Two levels of ongoing service to review, revise, and refine your evolving definition and strategy for attaining financial independence

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Annual Review

The Annual Review Program enables you to continue your education and your progress towards financial independence once you have completed either the IPPro or I2M Program.  We acknowledge that both your personal situation and the financial environment changes over time. By enrolling in the Annual Review Program, we pledge to be with you every step of the way and ensure that you have a sound, up-to-date financial plan. 


The Financial Concierge Service is an annual review program that goes the extra mile. It has been designed to provide you with an unlimited level of individual counsel and service.  We provide an unprecedented level of access to specialists within our firm and our network of partners, who bring their own unique skill sets and knowledge to issues you may face.