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Capital Investment Advisors

At Capital Investment Advisors Inc. (CIA), we leverage our size to make institutional quality investment strategists available at the retail level through economies of scale. Our due diligence partners source everything from the largest, most well known, names on Wall St. to independent boutique investment strategists to fill the core and niche roles within our client's portfolios. Our menu of diverse investment management approaches enables our clients to access a broad range of strategies that fulfill and complement the risks, time horizons, and assumptions of their unique financial plan. 

Our Investment Structure in Football Terms

You, the owner, hire us as your General Manager to develop a winning team/investment strategy that is tailored to your specific needs. We then hire the coaches (investment managers) that train and monitor the player/investment by tracking their fitness, talent, etc. Please watch our video for a more in-depth representation. 

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Sailing and Rowing

 The "Sailing and Rowing" metaphor is designed to help investors understand the cyclical nature of the market and consider different approaches for different market environments. Our "sailing" approaches seek to capture returns in bull markets while our "rowing" approaches seek to protect capital and capture opportunities in bear markets. Not unlike navigating a boat at sea, if the market weather is favorable, you will want to take advantage of market tailwinds to "sail" toward your financial goals. If the market is stormy, you will likely prefer to "row" closer to shore to protect your portfolio from the full force of the winds. Using a combination of these approaches can help your clients reduce volatility, mitigate risk and achieve their long-term financial goals.

Sailing asset allocation approaches (Strategic & Tactical Constrained) are convergent with the market and rowing asset allocation approaches (Tactical Unconstrained & Absolute Return) are independent of the market. 

Strategic Asset Allocation

This approach is designed to closely track the broader markets by investing in a target mix primarily comprising of equities, fixed income and cash. The goal of a Strategic approach is to put the positive winds of sailing markets to work in your portfolio.

Tactical Constrained Asset Allocation

While still based on a target mix, this approach offers the flexibility to make moderate allocation shifts designed to take advantage of shorter-term opportunities or mitigate risks. A Tactical Constrained approach may both put the positive winds of sailing markets to work in your portfolio and create the potential for the portfolio strategist to generate additional value through active, short-term allocation decisions. 

Tactical Unconstrained Asset Allocation

With no target mix, this approach removes the limits on the extent and frequency of allocation shifts allowing for a more aggressive response by the portfolio strategist to changes in outlook. A Tactical Unconstrained approach aims to provide flexibility fir rowing markets when headwinds place a premium on active asset class management. 

Absolute Return Asset Allocation

Designed not to correlate with the broader markets, this approach seeks modest returns using conservative investment strategies and highly active, extremely risk-sensitive management. An Absolute Return approach may be used for rowing toward your goals regardless of the stock market's direction. 

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