"Most Planning Starts & Ends with Products" 

In financial planning far too often people are sold products as solutions to their problems. Each product works independently to serve only its intended purpose and, consequently, very little attention is given to a truly integrated financial strategy. Our approach is to develop your financial strategy first by understanding who you are. Once we can articulate a strategy that fulfills your goals and objectives, we can then focus investment opportunities and the products and services that will foster financial independence.  

Our Organizational Structure*


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List of Services

  1. 1.  Independent and Objective Comprehensive Financial Planning Services
  2. 2.  Institutional Quality Investment Management 
  3. 3.  Retirement Planning 
  4. 4.  Estate & Legacy Planning
  5. 5.  Risk Management and Insurance Services
  6. 6.  Education Planning 
  7. 7.  Portfolio Analysis, Reallocation, and Rebalancing 
  8. 8.  Financial Education Programs Through the Institute for Financial Independence
  9. 9.  Personalized Financial Website and Aggregation Tools
  10. 10. Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis 
  11. 11. Comprehensive Tax Analysis and Preparation
  12. 12. Endowment Forecasting and Investment Planning
  13. 13. Small, Medium, Large Business Qualified Retirement Plan Administration and Support
  14. 14. Business Owner and Entrepreneur Valuation and Continuation Strategies
  15. 15. Charitable and Philanthropic Gifting Strategies
  16. 16. Nonprofit Executive Benefit Planning 
  17. 17. Pension Planning Services for Businesses, Nonprofits, and Individuals 
  18. 18. Social Security, Medicare, and Employer Benefit Strategies
  19. 19. Long Term Care Strategies
  20. 20. Annual Review and Concierge Ongoing Financial Planning and Investment Management Programs